Local Assembly – HBA

Hope Believers (Brethren) Assembly is a New Testament patterned Assembly Testimony based in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh (India). Hope Believers (Brethren) Assembly is also known as HBA. Earlier during its inception, it was known as Bhopal Believers Assembly. The City of Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The city's spiritual needs are great. The local work is progressing.

The Lord enabled His servant, Monsy Abraham and few others in the local work at Bhopal and the first gathering and Lord’s Table of Hope Believers (Brethren) Assembly was held on 12 April 2009 in a rented premises at East of Bhopal. Eversince each Sunday we have been gathering as an Assembly Testimony in the same rented premises.

A vital and integral part of our HATS ministry initiative is regular attendance in a local Assembly. Everyone is expected to take part in the services and activities and keep an open mind about what is taught and preached. The crux is that the local assembly must be central in theological education, missions and the doing of theology in culture. Each regular full time student is required to be at all services of the Lord’s Assembly and be as active as possible in the activities and work of the local Assembly.  Each full-time residential student is required to attend services at Hope Believers (Brethren) Assembly, unless the student is preaching for another congregation or the student obtains permission from the administration to attend and work with another congregation.

Assisting the Assemblies in its growth & in the edification of saints is the mission of HBA-HOPE. We facilitates fellowship & missions through organizing a variety of activities in different locations with the triple aims of

  • preparing leaders with practical essentials,
  • promoting missions with insight & innovation,
  • providing inspiration for spiritual growth.