Welcome to HOPE Academy of Theology & Sciences (HATS).   HATS academic study prepares people for life in the ‘real world’. Our academic program & curriculum aim to equip students in theological & non-theological disciplines with the theological and other understandings & skills needed to apply a Christian perspective and commitment to your life in the world, including your spiritual and vocational life. The course is designed to integrate theological reflection with the particular occupational and/or life interests of students.

HATS successfully blends practical career orientated ministry skills, accredited academic theological studies, and life transforming aspects into all of its courses. This is a balance which we believe each student needs in order to be most effective in their future ministry and service for Christ. We encourage students to study the Bible, not with an academic goal in mind, but with the aim of increasing personal devotion. The education at HATS stress both experiential and intellectual preparation for ministry. At HATS moral and spiritual qualifications rank above intellectual prowess.

Stay at HATS will touch all aspects of the human person—spiritually, physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. HATS also develop community life among students, enhance one’s faith, provide wonderful opportunity to experience natural or historical destinations, and enrich the lives of members. HATS also supports other ministries the students may be involved with—from community outreach to growing members’ faith in a personal, enriching way. 

The integrated Office Systems program is designed to prepare individuals for career ministries as office professionals in churches, Christian schools, social agencies, mission offices, or other Christian organizations. This program also provides students with relevant courses in general studies including various Informative modules. Our core focus is for students to acquire different skills related to life needs in this world.