One summer night of 1997 at ELIM Campsite (Bangalore), three teenagers (Monsy Abraham, Jonsy Abraham & Bobby Cherian) sat on a bench and shared their burdens & visions. They were teenagers from non-descript towns, families & Assembly backgrounds. As evening sped to night three teenagers talked & shared their childhood burden and envisioned a ministry initiative which later took the form & name of HOPE. The teenager’s determination to serve the Lord holding on to the God’s promises helped them to understand & experience God’s faithfulness

As the vision unfolded, the teenagers undertook to have biblical principles applicable to the structure of the ministry initiatives. The teenagers outlined that their policies on finance would permeate Biblical principles of vertical appeal rather than horizontal appeal. They were opposed to manward petition but rather seeks its funding the Godward way. The principle of seeking through prayer as Philippians 4:6 is much stressed out. When we say the word "faith", we mean in literal and its practical sense. Only willful offering of saints is accepted. No appeal or promotions for finance was stressed in the policies.

On 13 October 1997, the teenagers launched their first gospel musical band by the name “Majesty’s Voice”. Then the work slowly progressed.

In the year 2002, with the burden to raise prayer support for the needy ones in the Assembly, we launched the email prayer digest (e-newsletter) Vineyard Echoes which was later re-named Vineyard Voice. This e-newsletter is still continuing under the leadership of our visionary founder, Mr. Monsy Abraham. Each edition reaches out to thousands of our email prayer partners across the world carrying in it Christian News, Vineyard Gleanings, Assembly Event Informations, Letters from Assembly Workers among others. God has been gracious on the media ministry initiative and its expanding.

In the year 2004, the ministry by the name HOPE was officially launched under the able visionary leadership of our founder, Monsy Abraham. On 29 September 2004 a four day mega Gospel musical festival “ASHA UTSAV” was organised. Gospel singers and missionaries Shalu T. Ninan, Samson Ninan and Samuel B. Thomas graced the occasion alongwith their team. The event was also a launch pad to official launch HOPE Ministries.

In May 2005, heeding to God’s call, our visionary founder, Mr. Monsy Abraham resigned his corporate job alongwith his wife for serving their Master in His glorious ministry. In the same year, in order to quip themselves better in His Word and ministry understandings, they both joined the residential theological Master’s program at Asian Christian Academy (ACA) at Hosur. They both graduated from ACA in the year 2008.

Since 2008, we as a team at HOPE has organized various Conferences, Seminars, Camps, STMT across India & Nepal. We have been organising ASHAKO UTSAV (Gospel musical festival) in Nepal since 2008 under the aegis of the local Assembly Testimony.

God has put a burden in the heart of Bro Monsy Abraham for the youths. Taking it further as an Assembly, we hosted the 1st National Assembly Youth Conference (NAYC 2015) for the Assembly youths of our country. 600 delegates from 22 states of India gathered together in Bhopal to hear from 13 speakers from 11-13th November 2015.

On 1st June 2009, God enabled us in the richness of His grace, to start Hope Academy of Theology and Sciences (HATS), in a rented premises. We started the residential theological training program for MEN (boys) in 2009. As days progressed, God gave us a burden to open the campus gates for WOMEN (sisters) also. So prayerfully we opened our Campus for Sisters in 2011. Eversince we have a co-ed Campus and residential program.

Apart from the student community, we have residential faculty & support staff team.  It’s a close-knit community of Brethren living, learning & serving the Master. It’s a great privilege working together in His glorious ministry.

As we conclude & as you go through the rest of the Pages, we pray that your heart is encouraged by the reminder that your Heavenly Father delights in you and that in Him you have everything that you need.