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HOPE Academy of Theology & Sciences (HATS) प्रशिक्षण का उद्देश्य है की छात्र पवित्र शास्त्र की सही शिक्षा की नींव पर अपना निर्माण करें तथा सेवाकार्य और परमेश्वर की महिमा के लिए शिक्षित, प्रोत्साहित और सुसज्जित हो जायें।

✅ Course requirements . . .✅
👉 Successful completion of each subject/module requires fulfilling the academic requirements of this course.
👉 All academic requirements & criteria needs to be fulfilled.
👉 A student needs to successfully complete the 10 branches of Systematic Theology.
👉 100% attendance and class participation is mandatory.
👉The programs are not accredited by any agency but is run under the tutelage of HOPE Believers Assembly